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Another Magic Secrets Revealed Show

I just received this email from a local magician. Brad had a shop for many years, but closed it because of the cost. He still has the business, but it's only on the internet.

I post it here because I rather like his suggestion of how to respond to this most recent "tell-all" programme.

Rats! He's or They're at it again. Just got an e-notice from Magic Magazine that there is a new "Magic Tell All" show coming to a station that frankly I can't get and have never heard of!!

Here's the basics:

Breaking the Magician's Code:
Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed
Thursday, October 2nd, 9/8c, MyNetwork TV

You can go to: http://www.mynetworktv.com/stations.php and find out the channel nearest you, etc.

What should be the response of the magic community? Easy. Really it is. In 37 years in the biz I have seen this time and time again. What 'they' want is for magicians to cause a fuss, make a scene, get out and picket. What we need to do is simple: SAY NOTHING, DO NOTHING. The more we cry the more publicity they will garner. Someone asks you if you know anything? Your answer: "Not really. Must not be a big deal." Shrug and move on.

After the show if folks ask you about it? DEFLECT!!!! "Hmmm, that's nice." or "Don't know that one myself. I don't think I would ever do it." DEFLECT! Tone it down. Make it the least that it can be. That's how you defeat these things. It's how you get even in effect. Yawn. What a bore.

Look pass the above on. Cut and Paste it into your own message if you like. You don't even have to give me credit. Get the word OUT: Don't talk! Don't demonstrate! ACT as if it's not even happening.

Thanks and take care,

Brad Burt
Brad Burt's Magic Shop
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