mastersantiago (mastersantiago) wrote in magicians,

Variety Shows

So there hasn't been much talk going on this list for a bit. Let's see if we can stir something up shall we?

I've been invited to participate in a local variety show. Haven't made any decisions about it. Haven't even gone to see the show yet. It happens once a month and the next performance is a few weeks away.

They already have a magician so as far as I'm concerned it's unlikely I will actually participate. It's his venue at this point from my perspective. I'll still go to check it out, but I'm not particularly optomistic about it at this stage.

However, I have over the years considered the possibilities of creating my own variety show venue where I'm at. It would be very doable for many reasons.

But never having done so before I'd love to hear what others who have done this kind of thing would consider to be the critical logistic issues of setting up something like this. Not just as performers/artists but as producers as well. What do you think is absolutely needed and how did you address those needs?

And... GO!
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