More fun than a Colonoscopy (lakehouseguys) wrote in magicians,
More fun than a Colonoscopy

Vernon Wisdom

I just re-upped my Genii subscription. As a gift the ysent a copy of the book "The Vernon Touch", which is a compilation of every column Dai Vernon ever wrote for the magazine. It's quite good.
Here is a quote from his very first Dia Vernon column.

"A lot of people think that everybody's anxious to see a trick at anytime of the day or night. When you do tricks for people is very important. Of course, at the magic castle, they're ready at any time to see a trick, but when people are singing or dancing or talking, and somebody comes up and says, 'I'm gonna show you a take a' this is not good for magic"

It may seem simple, but it's something personally I took a long time to learn especially when you are young and excited and eager to try new things. I wish I'd read this years before. Its all about timing inside and outside of an effect.

This looks to be an excellent book, I'm glad they put this together. I'm sure there are many more nuggets of wisdom to be gleaned from a consumate master.

Has anyone else checked this book out?
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